Friday morning

The trip to France went well despite the tunnel cancelling our train and us having to wait for the next one.  The weather was absolutely foul with lots of wind and rain but we were happily warm inside the car.  We arrived at the restaurant at about 1pm local time and here are some photos of the meal.

Amuse bouche  consisting of hot crab soup, salmon mousse on toast and goats cheese with concasse of tomato.

Two starters either fois gras pate or timbale of lobster

 Palate cleanser of pear sorbet with pear William liquor

 Main course of magret of duck with port sauce, dauphinoise potatoes, carrot puree and peas. There was also fillet of sole with beurre blanc sauce.

A choice of three cheeses

Dessert starting at 12 o'clock with chocolate tart, then creme brûlée, raspberry cream, choux bun filled with creme patisserie and finally a tiramisu.

What a blow out! by the time we had finished eating and drinking the couple of bottles of wine we only had time to shoot into a shop and purchase some cases of wine to bring home.  We were back in our house admiring my new patio doors and drinking a cup of tea by 5pm.   Crossing using the tunnel is really nice and easy and very economical we decided that a similar day out in London would have come to the price if not more.

The new patio doors are lovely.  They are lighter than the old ones and the arrangement is different instead of the sliding door being on the outside where the runner kept getting filled with dirt from the garden it now runs on the inside where it will be easy to keep clean.  No more draught round the door and it locks brilliantly.  This felt like a very luxurious way of doing things - I felt like the wealthy who move into a hotel while work is carried out on their house.  To come home and find it all done is lovely.

I have no real plans for today other than to take the dogs for a good run and work off some of the calories I consumed yesterday and catch up on lots of lost sleep........


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