Friday morning

First let me thank you all for the good wishes - they worked.  What ever it was has gone, it was most peculiar.  I spent most of the day asleep with a bucket close at hand and this morning I feel fine.  Most odd!!!  

Today, being the first of the month, I have a set of chores to do.  First I have to read the meters and send the numbers down the wires.  Then the dogs get their ears powdered and I have to run off copies of the bank statements for Mike to check.  The dogs didn't get a walk yesterday so I had better get them out today but the weather forecast looks terrible - more wind and rain.  Though having said that it is all quiet at the moment.  

Last night for supper James put some breaded haddock fillets in the oven - now as you know I am not one for convenience food but these turned out to be very nice. Yes, another Aldi special but most acceptable not at all greasy and very crisp.  I ran up a bit of tartare sauce to have with them as I had all the ingredients to hand.

Today I had intended to make a fish stew but I don't really feel in the mood to do a lot of cooking so I think we may well graze on the fridge left overs.  

Oh dear, I spoke too soon it is raining already but at least we are above freezing!  Welcome to February..... 


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