Wednesday morning

Yesterday was a busy one we were out of the house by 7am and on our way to the pool.  It is designed mostly for youngsters so the water temperature is kept nice and warm.  We managed to find a good place for James to get into deep water so that he didn't need to walk without his boot which he still finds impossible.  We were back home by 8.30 and sitting down to a nice bowl of porridge.  We then had a pile of chores to get done so it was back out and take the dogs for a walk and get the bits and pieces that were necessary.  We picked up the fish from the fishmonger and had some lovely smoked haddock and a poached egg for lunch.  The side of salmon was divided into portion sizes and vac packed ready for the sous vide today.  One portion has been vacuumed together with salt and sugar and dill and is in the process of making gravadlax which will make a very nice lunch for us one day over the weekend.  James friend Zoe came to supper and brought with her a lovely apple and pear crumble which gave me an opportunity to make creme anglais in the thermomix.  It was so easy with no guess work.  6 egg yolks 50g sugar and 450 of milk were put in the jug and then set for 7 minutes at 80° speed 4 and there it was done and perfect.  The egg whites were not wasted as Zoe wanted them to make meringues with.  

This morning being bin day I have the unenviable task of dealing with all the game birds.  The pheasant breasts will be wrapped in parma ham and sous vide cooked then into the freezer and the partridges are destined to be pot roast and served with buttered savoy cabbage.  At the moment it is raining so I don't feel much like heading for the garage to do the birds I think another cup of coffee is necessary before I go and tackle them.  I'm sure I can find lots of things that should be done before I head out into the cold.

I am in a bit of a quandary I don't know whether to go beating again on either Friday or Saturday as I have been invited back.  I could do both days or neither or select one, decisions, decisions.  It is no good asking the men as they would prefer that I stayed at home and ran around after them!!!! Even Basso is against it so I guess it is purely down to me.  I was initially worried that I would not be able to cope with the walking but I managed fine and was not stiff the next day so I think I may well go again after all the season is almost over so why not.

Well I have had a second cup of coffee so I can put off doing the birds no longer.  Have a good day and lets hope this rain is just a passing shower not another deluge!!!!


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