Wednesday morning

Clean, clean, clean, Denny has been and the house is like a show home.  She decided that my windows  and the internal glass doors needed doing and now they are sparkling and slobber free what a joy it is to have a hand with the cleaning.   Mark has had a good tidy of the garden and pruned the roses and we have agreed that the paths need a pressure wash as they are very slippery from all the winter wet.   Once they were both established doing their thing I took the dogs out for a walk and also disposed of several bags of recycling which are not due to be collected until next week.  I didn't want to put them in the garage as the fury creatures would make a mess of them so I took them straight to the tip.  I don't know what is going on in the garage but I am going through rat poison like it was going out of fashion.  Every day I fill the tray and every day they empty it.  I am beginning to wonder if it is rat food rather than poison!!!!

The menu got knocked into a cocked hat.  I was up so early that by 11am I was ready to eat a horse if it stood still.  So on the way back from the walk I succumbed to a pasty from the bakers.  Then come the evening none of us felt like a proper meal so I just did a bit of bacon and egg which filled the gap.  The monumental pile of ironing got done and the sheets are back in the airing cupboard which is still a mess.  I really must make an effort to sort it out.  

Today the weather looks pretty foul it is blowing a gale and hosing down with rain - I guess shooting is off.  Shiona is popping over anyway as she needs some more eyes for knitting her animal hats and my wool shop has everything.  I think I may have a trawl through the end of line balls of 4ply as I am now almost out of oddments of wool for my blanket.  Or would it be more sensible to knit more socks and collect more oddments? 

The ox cheek stew will do lunch for four and I have some parsnips to use up so they can be roast as an accompaniment.   Supper can then be cheese on toast or some such snack.   Roll on spring the winter seems to be dragging on forever and it does nothing for my mood.  We were going to get the car cleaned yesterday but the mud in the back is still wet and I am afraid trying to clean it will just make a bigger mess.  Once it has dried it can be brushed off the carpets more readily.  If push comes to shove I will get the hair dryer on it and dry it out that way.

Well that about it for this morning time to put the bins out before the bin men arrive some times they come very early other times they dont come till nearly lunch time.


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