Wednesday morning

First let me tell you that poor Basso has a sick note for the shoot on Saturday as he has a damaged pad and the vet has put him on a rest regimen.  Thank goodness he is a dog or he would have been so disappointed.  Nip is going to have his teeth sorted out next week and we have to phone for an appointment for him.  He has no idea so he too is quite happy!!! It must be nice to be a dog and take each day as it comes.

Secondly don't bother with the stew and pasta recipe. It is not good and ruins both items.  Some combinations don't work and this is one of them.  

Thirdly, let me tell you about Denny the new cleaning lady.  She came for three hours and went through the house like a hurricane.  The utility room got all the tiling cleaned even behind the washing machine.  The kitchen is sparkling all the cupboards, skirting board and floor were given a good wash over.  She shunned all the mops and preferred a hands and knees and bucket of soapy water approach.  Which I must admit does a fantastic job.  Her work rate was phenomenal and she is worth every penny.  I have really fallen on my feet there.

Anne, I was interested that you think that beetroot is the devils vegetable, a sentiment with which I concur.  However, as I have a bunch I will have to do something and at present my inclination is to make rosti with 50 - 50 potato and hope that once fried they will be a bit more palatable.  One thing is for certain if they are inedible the dogs will not be so fussy and Nip will be delighted as he is very hungry on his diet.  He got a bit tubby over the christmas period with all the extra goodies and as he is the worlds laziest dog the only answer is to cut back on his food.  He was so hungry the other day that he tried to push Basso off his food only to discover that under the sheeps coat lies a wolf and the puppy that he used to push around is now a fully grown dog and quite able to defend his food.

We had a fall of snow yesterday but once the sun got up it melted away quite quickly so it was no real bother.  Today there is no sign of snow but it is sub zero in temperature and I am supposed to be going shooting.  My back has been playing up in this cold weather but I think I need to brace myself and go anyway.  This means lunch for 5 and fortunately I have some turkey pies in the freezer so I will only have to do a bit of warming up.  I made them using tin foil trays which of course means I can't defrost them in the microwave so I had better get them out now or they will still be ice-cream at lunch time.  I could have used the halogen oven but that too is out of commission however I do have a new bulb on order and hopefully it will be easy to fit.  It might even come today you never know your good fortune.
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