Wednesday morning bin day

It's a dogs life!  This is definitely not allowed but who got caught on camera snoozing in the bed?  The snow is gradually melting and we are no longer in minus figures.  Yesterday was largely spent cooking I finished off the ox cheek stew and as there was so much gravy with it I syphoned off half and added it to some faggots I got from the butcher.  The meat loaf was duly stuffed with mozzarella  and baked in the oven with potatoes and tomatoes.  We had it for lunch and then again for supper with the addition of a cauliflower cheese.  My vegetable box contained two tiny cauliflowers so it seemed that was the best idea and as it takes moments to make a sauce in the thermomix that's what I did.  I am gradually getting to grips with how easy things are in the thermo and how little effort it takes.  Just put all the ingredients in and switch on and hey presto a perfect sauce. No standing and stirring and gradually adding, just bung it all in and away it goes.  

James managed to get his car scraped off and moved a bit closer to the house.  It is now quite legally parked but directly outside my neighbours house where they normally park.  I think this is a case cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Before the fracas we all parked neatly with no hassel now they have no choice but have to put their car on their front garden under their bay window so they cannot get a passenger in and stand a very good chance of getting trapped.   It is such a shame that 35 years of tolerance have been shattered by a moments pettiness. Threatening people with the police does not engender good will.  

I have managed to get up to date with all the laundry and only have a couple of shirts left to iron.  Gone are the days when I used to wash and iron 21 shirts per week and believe me I don't miss it one bit.  I can now make a start on the bedding and towels, it just never ends does it.

There is no shooting this week as the weather is not conducive to standing around and none of us find freezing to death fun.  Roll on the better weather.  


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