Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a vet day we started off taking both dogs down to the vet at 8.30 Basso got his booster inoculation but Nip had to stay behind.  We were asked to ring for information between 2 and 3 when we were assured that he was coming round nicely and all was well.   Then it was down to pick him up at 5.30.  When we arrived he was barking the place down so he was obviously feeling better and wanting to go home.  He was minus one tooth, which was rotten, and we agreed that the tooth fairy should pay 50p for it.  However the vets bill was considerably more!!!  When we arrived home Basso spent some 20 minutes giving Nip a thorough check up. He could obviously smell the remains of the anaesthetic and was quite concerned about his mouth.  Once he was passed fit we gave him supper of some nice mushy risotto which he ate with relish not having had any food since the previous day and despite his trauma he insisted on having a hard biscuit for bed time.  I also rang the dog groomers for an appointment to have Basso stripped and can you believe the earliest they can do is March 11th.  

The omelette Arnold Bennett was delicious but it was probably more omelette "Gordon Bennett"  by the time I had finished with it.  All the right ingredients but not necessarily in the right order.  For supper we had the left over chicken casserole with mash and leeks which was a nice comforting meal as it was a really wild night outside with thrashing rain and howling winds.  It felt very cosy to be inside while the weather was so atrocious.  

Today will be a busy day as we are expecting Denny to come and clean and also Mark is going to do the roses which need pruning weather permitting.  I have a huge pile of bedding to iron which should keep me out of mischief.  I think James may be going up to London to visit a friend so I think we will be just the two of us for lunch so a bacon sandwich will do and tonight we will have some of the huge pile of pheasant breast from the freezer which have been cooked sous vide with parma ham and just need heating through in some cream and serving with some mash.

ok enough rubbish time to get started on the ironing.

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