Tuesday morning

 So what do you do on a miserable cold day, why a bit of dog training of course.  Once I had finished shovelling snow from the drive and off the car I hid a frozen pheasant in the garden and sent Basso off to find it.  I though in the freezing conditions it might be a bit of a challenge for him - not so - he located the pheasant in an instant and came pounding back with it.  That big brown nose of his works very well even in the snow and ice.  

The left over chicken made a nice curry for lunch and for supper we had the broth from the carcass with some cheese fuelled polenta squares.  Today I am making the polpetone stuffed with mozzarella and roast  with potatoes and tomatoes.  In the slow cooker there are 4 ox cheeks slowly stewing in guinness to which I will add some vegetables today and that will do for tomorrow or the day after.  Perhaps with some nice fluffy dumplings.  

We were promised more snow yesterday but each time we looked at the weather forecast it was due later and later in the day and as it turned out we have not had any more.  I am just as pleased as having cleared the paths and car I am happy that they have stayed clear.  The interesting thing is the roof panels, which are so slippery that the snow only builds up so much before it slides off them and they are clear to generate electricity even in the dull weather.  According to the five day forecast we are not due any more snow and the temperatures are gradually rising so it will be back to mud and slush.  

Well thats about it for this morning not much to report it is just a case of keeping things ticking over until the snow clears and we are free to roam again.

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