Tuesday morning

Oh dear its stupid o'clock and I am up bright eyed and busy tailed.  Overnight we have had a dusting of snow.  We had some yesterday but by the afternoon it turned to rain so it didn't settle.  This morning we need to be up and ready for our new cleaning lady who is coming at 8am but perhaps 2.30 is a little early.  Needless to say we have had a good tidy in anticipation.  Anyway, I have plenty to do to keep me occupied as I have a big bowl of salmon and potato ready to make fish cakes for the freezer so I can get on and egg and breadcrumb them.  The salmon was going cheap in Tesco so it seemed like a good use for it.  Fish cakes make a really convenient quick lunch or supper with a bit of tomato or green salad.  As all our bread is home made and therefore has no preservatives I always have stale bread for making crumbs.  With the Termomix I can blast even the crusts to a fine crumb so nothing gets wasted.

I rang a double glazing company and they are going to come one day this week and have a look at my problems and hopefully sort them out.  I think the patio doors are beyond repair and may have to be replaced but we will have to wait and see what the guy says.  James took himself to have his physio and get his car taxed so that was one less job for me to do.  It is nice that he now has a modicum of independence and can get on with some of the minor chores.  He also made the dinner last night a beautiful prawn risotto.  I have taught him well and he does a lovely job.  

Today, I have a stew for lunch and am going to do the macaroni in gravy trick and see how that turns out.  I will let you know if it is successful.  In my vegetable box this week I am due to receive some beetroots.  This is not my favorite vegetable so I would welcome any ideas on what to do with it.  I was wondering if I could grate it with some potatoes and make rosti with it and serve with goats cheese.  Let me know what your favourite dish is.

First I will get stuck into the ironing as that will warm me up - the heating doesn't come on until 4am so it is pretty cold at the moment.


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