Tuesday 1st January 2013

A very Happy New Year to you all.  So here we go a fresh start to a fresh year.  I am not one for making resolutions as it seems to be the kiss of death if I make them at new year however I am going to try and eat breakfast each morning then maybe I will not be quite so hungry come lunch time.  The first problem is that I don't have a sweet tooth so breakfast cereals and fruit are out.  I guess it will have to be eggs in some form and preferably without lashings of butter.  Then there is always grilled bacon and tomatoes and/or mushrooms.  Poached smoked haddock or may be kippers however as today is a celebration I am going to kick off with a slab of panettone and coffee.

Yesterday we headed off to the wonderful Faversham food emporium in the hope of getting a cotechino sausage to have with lentils which is a very traditional Italian new year dish but sadly they had sold out before christmas.  We ended up with some wonderful cheeses to eat with our loaf of freshly made bread.  Today I am going to roast a leg of lamb which I hope will also make the odd shepherds pie for the freezer.  I had intentions of boning it out and stuffing with lambs kidneys but again I was thwarted and could not find any so it will just be plain roast with roast potatoes and cabbage and cauliflower cheese for supper.

With all the wind and rain yesterday the dogs had a miserably short walk, not that they complained, however, today I need to get them out for a bit of a better run no matter what the weather holds.  I have a stack of ironing waiting to be done so I guess that is where I will start.  Then I want to have a go at getting the spring cleaning underway.  Every cupboard, draw and shelf needs to be stripped cleaned and refilled with only what is necessary.  This is a golden opportunity to de-clutter as well as to clean.  I do seem to accumulate loads of stuff which I don't need or want.

We have been having some problems with rodents in the garage and have put out poison bait which is very worrying with the dogs.  We usually put the black bags in the garage over night ready for the bin men in the morning.  If the are put outside either the cats or the magpies rip them to pieces at dawn.  To get round the problem we are going to purchase a plastic dustbin in which to secure the black bag over night.  The theory is that if there is no food for the rodents they will leave for a better place.  This worked well in the shed when I made sure that all the chicken food and bee equipement was put into bins and therefore unavailable to the rodents.

Well thats it for this morning I am off to get the panettone and make some coffee before getting started on the ironing.  


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