Thursday morning

The snow is still with us and is taking its time to melt which I suppose is better with regard to flooding although that is not one of our problems.  We are perched on the top of hill which means it is very slippery when icy.  

There was just enough of the meat loaf left to make lunch for the three of us and we all decided that if you can eat the same dish for three meals in succession and not be unhappy then it is a really good recipe.  We were all marginally disappointed that it had come to an end.  Supper was a cottage pie which I had lurking in the freezer from the last bit of roast beef.  Today Shiona is coming over so I will get out the faggots which we will have with either peas [traditional] or savoy cabbage and then by popular request I will make a queen of puddings with the stale bread in the bread bin.

James had a session with the physio yesterday and she was very pleased with the progress he is making.  He religiously does his exercises and they are beginning to pay off.  He now has a modicum of rotation in his ankle where once it was completely frozen.  

I am hoping to take Basso out for a walk today as he has had a week of house arrest.  The limp in his foot has passed and we spent some time yesterday playing hide and seek to keep him occupied.  Sadly he is rather too good at it but he enjoys it none the less and it gives me an opportunity to reinforce the searching commands.  

The bad smell emanating from France did not reach us or at least not that I noticed.  I was pretty confused by Annes comment as I had not heard the news so I had no idea what she was talking about.  I expect it hit the channel ports first and we are some 30 miles inland from them.

The crochet of the throw is going well but as it is being done in one piece each circuit is taking longer and longer but I am gradually working my way through all the left over wool.  In order to finish it to a reasonable size I may have to invest in more 4ply.  My local shop sells off odd balls of wool nice and cheap so that is where I will go.  

Well time to make a start on the queen of puddings as it needs to go cold before you can put the layer of jam on it and then pile up the meringue.  The termo converts even the most unprepossessing bits of bread into great crumbs so absolutely nothing gets wasted.  I use the Mary Berry recipe which is just right as are all her recipes.  I am a great fan of hers given that sweet things are not my forte I find I need a good guiding hand.  

Have a good day all according to the weather forecast it should be getting warmer over the weekend :)


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