Thursday morning

Cold, cold, cold -3℃and falling. The freezing fog which caused the helicopter disaster in London yesterday enveloped us for most of the day.  I hastily cancelled the shooting as we would have been lucky to see the targets.  Anyway, it is supposed to be fun and there was no way freezing to death in an old quarry was on the cards for a fun day.  Shiona came over anyway and we had a nice day chatting and managed to make the pies look silly for lunch.  I also managed to get rid of the beetroot - Shiona loves them!!!- problem solved.  We took a trip to my wool shop and bought some wool to make a child's hat in the form of a dog which one of her neighbours kids has requested.  Though when she is going to find the time to knit it heaven knows as she is still having problems with her mother and is going back up to scotland on a weekly basis at the moment.  Hopefully they will get mum settled into a home where she can be safely looked after.  

Today the guy is coming to look at the double glazing problems and give us a quote for the repair work.  And hopefully I will be able to put the new bulb in the halogen oven however it all looks a bit complicated as there doesn't seem to be any way to remove the old one and the instructions show a completely different configuration.  

Today I am going to make a dish from the blog of Frank Fariello at Memorie di Angelina It is a polpetone or meat loaf which is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven.  It is made with the same mixture that I use for my meat balls only this is one big meat ball.  If you are looking for authentic Italian dishes I can recommend this site.  There are very clear instructions and lots of pictures plus some historical information.

Basso is pretty fed up with "house arrest", but having his mates over for the day did at least break the monotony for him.  He is still favouring a back leg so his pad must still be painful.  I have taken this opportunity to take all his blankets out of the car and put them through the washing machine.  The off cut of carpet which is in the bottom of the crate has also been steam cleaned and smells a little less doggy.  I normally leave this job until the end of the hunting season but we are almost there already and with him confined to the house it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Last night for supper we had some pikelets or at least that is what they were called when I was a child in Bristol.  They also get called crumpets but whatever you call them they are wonderful toasted and drenched in butter.

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