Thursday morning

I had a really busy morning yesterday what with taking the dogs for a walk in the park before joining James in the pool at 7.30.  I had already done the 6 birds and got the rubbish out for the bin men.  The salmon had been through the sous vide and the pheasant breast were in and doing while we were out.  For lunch I made pot roasted partridges with buttered cabbage and then collapsed into my bed for a rest.  I kept some of the salmon back from the freezer and have added it to mashed potato so today I am going to make salmon fish cakes which I hope will be enough for lunch and some for the freezer.  The pheasant legs I have put through the slow cooker and today I will pick the meat off them and then decide what to do with it.

I have made the decision about beating and will go again tomorrow but not Saturday.  From what I have seen of the weather forecast it is going to be cold but hopefully not wet, which I can live with.  I have plenty of thermal clothes so the cold shouldn't be a problem. Sandi will be picking up so I will be on my own but I am sure the other beaters will keep me in line.  As I will be out all day tomorrow I had better get going with some housework today - the laundry basket is full to over flowing so that is where I will start.  The kitchen is pretty grotty so that will be my next point of attack.  Having white cupboards has its disadvantages in that they show the dirt and need to be kept clean or they look terrible.  This is when I am glad that I don't have a huge kitchen to clean and I can usually get a cloth over it in and hour or so.  I do like to start the day with a clean kitchen as I very soon make a mess.  I had better also look at what we will need for tomorrow as I will be out and not much good for cooking when I get back.

We have decided to give swimming a miss until Monday as we don't want to over do things with James foot.  We are looking at going 3 days a week which we hope will do some good but not over tax the weak muscles.  Yet again we are doing our own treatment as the hospital have failed us miserably.

We received a cheque from the feed in tariff people for our solar energy and despite all the gloomy weather in the three month leading up to Christmas we have made just short of £200 which is all grist to the mill.  We have calculated that we are getting about 4.5% per annum net on our investment which in the current climate is not bad.

Well thats about it for this morning time I got going there is plenty to do so I will make a start as come lunch time I am usually out of energy.

Have a good day all and wrap up warm it is getting cold......

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