Thursday 3 January

I am up at stupid o'clock again but I have to confess to sleeping the majority of the day yesterday.  For some inexplicable reason I felt terribly tired.  After my early start I went back to bed and slept for a couple of hours and again after lunch another couple of hours.  I think I must have accumulated a backlog of tiredness.  Being the poor sleeper that I am, I just gave in a slept because I could.  

It was James who tidied my mess of plastic boxes.  They are never going to be really tidy but they are much better and why is it that the one box you need is always at the bottom of the pile!!! Anyway, there are none without lids now and at least they are in size order.  I was not completely idle and cleaned up the fridge and the garden was cleared of dog poo.  

Today, we are going to have one of the turkey pies with some peas for lunch, supper will be cheese on toast or some such snack.  I need to go to the butcher today and look for a nice piece of pork for the weekend.  We all fancy roast pork with crackling and apple sauce for Sunday lunch.  I think I would like to make another batch of bolognese sauce as that is a really handy standby and there is none in the freezer.  

We had another deluge again yesterday it is rather like the monsoon here as the temperature is very warm for the time of year and I fear we may yet pay the penalty with some serious snow.  I notice that all the shops are loaded with snow shovels!!!!! However, the weekend looks reasonable for the shoot which makes a change as the season is drawing to a close ceasing on the 1st of February.  It is then that we can give the car a good clean inside.  At the moment there is more mud inside than out but it is pointless cleaning it until I have finished making a mess. 

The ironing never got done so that is now a top priority I do like a least a couple of days in the week free from laundry.  I have also learned my lesson about letting things pile up then spending 4 hours ironing.  Little and often is now the moto.

I have one of these winged airers and it is a real godsend in the winter months as it will dry an entire load of washing over night.  I only use the tumble drier in desperation as it seems a pointless waste of electricity for general use.  Roll on the summer when the washing can dry on the line and in the fresh air.

Have a good day whatever you have planned - I am off to chop vegetables in anticipation of my bolognese sauce.

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