Thurday morning

I have woken this morning with terrible waves of nausea, I think I will have to go back to bed until I feel a bit better.  I do hope I haven't contracted the dreaded norovirus.  

After a very wet and windy start, yesterday turned into a beautiful springlike day with glorious sunshine.  Shiona arrived with her two dogs and after coffee we set off to take the pack for a walk.  Then we stopped off at the wool shop where she bought more eyes and more wool and I was seduced into buying a couple of balls of lilac 4ply for my blanket.  We then hit Aldi for a few essentials before returning home for lunch which was a bit late as it took a while for the stew to heat and the parsnips to brown.  I find parsnips a bit like flaked almonds one minute they are white then next they are charcoal.  Supper was macaroni cheese which is now so simple with the thermomix making the cheese sauce while the pasta is boiling.  Then combine and into the halogen oven to brown the top.

While Shiona was here we arranged a day out in France, well actually we are just going for lunch.  Last year we accidentally found that our favourite restaurant did a special menu for Valentines day so we thought we would like to repeat the experience and have booked a table in the hope that they will have their special menu.  Even if they don't we are assured of a good meal anyway.

Oh dear, I am still feeling terrible so I am going back to bed........


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