Sunday morning

Yesterday was  a bit of a mixed bag the weather was perfect it was quite sunny and relatively mild.  However, the rain which had fallen on top of the ice made walking in wellingtons quite treturous.  The areas which had lost their snow were now quagmires and the car certainly got put put through its off road capabilities.  Being the end of the season there were not many birds left to shoot and as it was the beaters day we only had 6 guns but about 10 picking up dogs as many of the beaters had brought their own dogs.  By lunch time the bag was some 12 birds and we decided that it was time to go home.  Basso might not have got a look in picking up but he had had a grand time with his mates and was covered in mud up to his chest. Sandi had brought both her dogs so the three of them had a great time cavorting together.  When he saw the foot washing trug bucket in the kitchen he turned tail and tried to get in his crate but I cut off his retreat and he got his feet washed anyway. You should see my kitchen floor!!!!  Just as well that I have lunch all ready to go today as I think I will have to spend some time cleaning up.  Last nights supper was a take away curry from a new Nepalese outlet, it was all very nice, good portions and a reasonable price.  

This morning it is howling with wind and rain - all the snow has disappeared and the garden is back to its bleak winter look but spring is not too far away as the bulbs are poking their noses above the soil.  

The idea of using Basso as a PAT dog was just so that he might have something to do during the summer months.  As Anne said they are taken to old peoples homes, special schools etc.  where the clients can stroke the dogs and pet them which has a calming effect on most people.  My only concern is the that Basso is a "slobber" dog and the clients might get more than they bargain for.  Anyway, it is a long way off as he would have to pass all sorts of test before being accepted.  Fortunately he doesn't jump up as he would knock most people flat if he did and you certainly don't want a right hook from one of his paws as James found to his cost.  He was playing and fooling around with him when he got a misdirected paw in the nose which made him see stars.

Well that about it for this morning time I made a start of the mess that is my kitchen and hopefully all this rain will have washed some of the mud off the car or the Albanians will have their work cut out cleaning it.  Have a good day all despite the weather and I will let you know how my Sartu di riso turns out.

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