Sunday morning

This is a photo of our last major fall of snow which was some years ago however if the met office are to be believed we are in for another significant fall today.  As yet we only have yesterdays thin scattering.  The new fall is not due until around lunch time.  

Yesterdays lunch of sort of coq au vin went down very well with the polenta made in the thermomix.    This was a real god send because stirring the pot for 40 minutes is a bit of a bind.  The quantity was a bit much for us so with the left overs I stirred in lots of butter and parmesan then let it set and cut slices from it for supper.  This was one of those economy meals - Mike had bought a packet of chicken wings which I first put in the oven to brown a bit then into the pressure cooker with the usual vegetables and finally the wings were put back in the oven with soy sauce and honey and allowed to glaze.  The resulting broth was eaten with pastina and parmesan and the glazed wings with the leftover polenta - very satisfactory and very cheap.  Today I am doing a traditional roast chicken and for once I have ready made bread sauce to go with it.  I also intend to make a bit of parsley, thyme and lemon stuffing just for the breast end once I have removed the wish bone.  Then into the halogen oven for half an hour breast down and half on its back which seems to be perfect.

The crochet blanket is making progress but of course the larger it gets the longer each circuit takes However I still have plenty of wool to use up.  I now have very small balls of left overs which in the spring I will chop up and put in an old bird feeder and let the birds decorate their nests with some colourful yarn.  This idea is curtesy of Pinterest which is a great source of shared ideas.  I find the DIY and Craft category endlessly fascinating, so many tips and tricks.  

If we do have a significant snow fall today my snow shovel is at the ready just outside the back door and fortunately I don't have to get to the far end of the garden to deal with the hens.  I will be restocking in the spring but first I need to give their quarters a good clean.  Leaving the house open to the elements over the winter period kills off any little inhabitants then a quick go over with the pressure washer will see it ready for new stock.  The farm, from which I buy my hens, will have birds on point of lay in February which is a bit early but the next lot in June will be a bit late so I am in a quandary as to what to do.  I do miss my hens and their eggs so I may go for the earlier lot even though that means cleaning their house in the winter cold.

Basso may be fed up with the enforced rest but it has certainly done the trick he is no longer limping and his pad seems to have healed well.  Nip is booked in to have his teeth done on the 28th but we haven't told him yet no sense in worrying him unnecessarily!!!

Here is hoping you all have a good day and that the snow is not too disruptive where you are.


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