Sunday morning

The best laid plans of mice and men and all that, yesterday turned into a rather busier day than I expected.  James has been on the look out for a car,  it would have to be an automatic as it is his left foot which is damaged, he can manage fine provided that he doesn't have a clutch to bother with.  Well to cut a long story short we shot over the QE2 bridge and drove to Leigh on Sea where he bought a very nice Black Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.6 in very nice clean condition.  I was delighted as not only is this the first sign of normality returning but it also means he no longer will have me terrified with a motor cycle.  It will also give him back his independence so he can take himself swimming or to hospital appointments etc.   It also means that when we can get him back into employment he will have a means of transport.  This photo is not his car but a similar one it was too dark to photo it last night and still too dark this morning.

As you know I have been lambasting my local hospital for the abysmal care while James was a patient and finally they have sent me a sensible letter listing those who have been brought to book and what they will try to do in future and hoping that no other family will be treated so badly.  This is exactly what I wanted.  I think most people would have given up but I am a bit of a terrier with a rag and will not let go until I get what I want.  I can only hope that they have learned a few lessons about patient care and hopefully a bit about dealing with complaints.  If I have made things better for one patient then I am satisfied that I have done my duty.

I had a chat with Sandi last night and was pleased that there were no complaints about my rather poor beating skills and she has asked me to come again on Monday but this will be down to the weather and if my back has recovered.  I took the dogs for a walk yesterday and felt every step. My muscles were not stiff but my back certainly was.  I have said that I will beat if she is beating but not if she is picking up as the men are inclined to send me mountaineering which is really not what my back needs.  James can take himself swimming so that is no longer an excuse. I have organised to go shooting [clay pigeons] on Wednesday but we are all waiting to see what the weather has in store for us.

Today I have a nice rib of beef for lunch. It was going cheap at the butchers as it has been very well hung which he knows I don't mind as the meat will be tender.  With it I will be doing a large Yorkshire pudding, shredded cabbage and lashings of gravy.  I need to plan a menu for next week but it is all a bit up in the air until we see what the weather brings.  Lunch on Wednesday could be either for 3 or 5 which makes a difference and I will need to be a bit flexible.  Shiona is back from Scotland but no sooner is she back than troubles start with her mother.  It must be very distressing but she does have brother and sisters in Scotland so they will have to take up some of the slack.

Now I have a confession to make I purchased an X five steam cleaner which is light enough for me to take to the caravan and should make cleaning it much easier.  As soon as it arrived I had to put it through its paces and was embarrassed when I saw the amount of crud that came out from round the toilet seat fixings.  The high pressure nossel gets into nooks and crannies you cannot reach any other way so I am very pleased with it.  The photo shows it with the handle for floors but it breaks down to a hand held cleaner really easily.

Off to do the ironing now before next weeks washing comes to meet it.

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