Sunday morning

What a fantastic day Basso and I had yesterday.  The shoot was short of pickers up so we had our work cut out but it meant that Basso had lots of birds to pick up.  He worked his socks off all day.   He was too tired to even contemplate his supper and after his feet were washed of all the mud he collapsed and slept and I did the same, however, I did managed to get my takeaway curry into to me first.  All that fresh air and walking really knocks me out.  I have two nice brace of pheasants in the garage and on Wednesday I will deal with them.  I usually give them about three days to hang as I am not keen on them if they have been hung for too long.  We were paid a nice compliment by the game keeper who commented on how well the dog had come on.  Given that he is a pampered pet and gets nowhere near enough training he does remarkably well.  The weather was a bit odd it was relatively warm but there was a fine misty drizzle for most of the day.  I think actually we were inside a cloud for most of the day.

Getting out of bed this morning has reminded me of yesterdays exertions as each and every joint is creaking and muscle I didn't know I had are complaining.  Sandi has persuaded me to go beating on Monday for one of the big commercial shoots and I like a fool have agreed to go which only leaves me today to get over Saturday.  It will seem really strange to go to a shoot without the dog but at least the fee will cover my petrol costs.  If you could see my car at the moment you would weep there is so much mud both inside and out that the local albanian car wash will have their work cut out to clean it.  At the moment it is a pointless exercise so we will wait until the end of the season and then it can have a really good wash.

Poor Anne, I'm sorry about the chips if you are on the "cutback after Christmas", regimen.  We so seldom have them it is a real treat.  Today, for sunday lunch, we are going to have some roast pork with crackling and apple sauce.  We will be tidying up some sprouts that were in excess over the holidays and have been cooked and frozen.  I hope this is a better picture!!!

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