Saturday morning

This is a photo of my neighbours car which has been moved from the position on the far side of the tree up to their bay window.  You can see the clear snow shadow where the car was.  Now what is all this about you ask? well it is about the mean spirit of said neighbours who came banging on the door in the middle of our lunch and insisted that James move his car which was overhanging their dropped curb by about 6 inches.  Obviously they need two parking spaces for the one car.  

As you can see it is really tight for parking !!!!  We lived through their 4 daughters attempts at parking which resembled abandonment more closely. Did we complain? no they were youngsters what do you expect.  So on a snowy slippery day James has had to move his car to the top of the road where he can stagger on his broken foot so that our lovely neighbours can have two parking spaced for one car.  He was given an ultimatum that either he moved the car or they would call the police.  I'm sure that local law enforcement have nothing better to do than sort out parking disputes. There is a history to this they have never got over the fact that they got ripped off by a builder who did their frontage and assured them that the tree would be removed.  This is an avenue and of course the council would not hear of it.  Couple this with the fact that Mike has a disabled parking space outside our house, which they don't consider necessary and you have a recipe for the green eyed monster.  What a pair of mean spirited, petty people they are, one could understand it if they had nowhere to park but to move the car 4 feet and then go out in half an hour what was the point of that? As it happend James was going out to visit a friend so the car would have been moved anyway.
Am I angry? you bet.

Today I should have been at the shoot picking up, but with Basso on sick leave I can stay nice and warm indoors and get on with my crochet blanket.  I am using up all the leftover bits of wool from my sock extravaganza, and while it may not be the most colour co-ordinated of blankets it will do for the back of the car or a dogs bed.

The queen of puddings went down really well and who can imagine that a few bread crumbs some milk and eggs could make such a delicious dessert.  The flavouring of lemon zest and strawberry jam are really what makes it delicious.  The pressure cooker got put into action and I made a batch of chicken soup from a packet of wings which I had first roasted.  This will make a nice lunch for today with the addition of some noodles and parmesan cheese.

As it is so early I am going to try to get back to bed and get a bit more sleep and hope I dont wake with a banging headache.  We have had a fall of snow but nothing significant just about half an inch.  Not enough for fun just a nuisance.    

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