Saturday Morning

No its not just a brown envelope it is a wage packet!!!!  The last time I received one of these is when I was working at a factory during the school holidays.  Yesterday the weather forecast was for very cold so I was wrapped up very well but as it turned out it was not that cold.  For me it was a long hard day and I felt at the limits of my endurance on a couple of occasions when steep climbs were required.  After the first two drives we stopped for elevenses. A mug of hot vegetable soup and a bap with rashers of bacon, followed by a matchbox size piece of cherry cake and a couple of chocolate sweets.  Needless to say that was enough to keep me going until home time.  However, during the lunch break, while the guns go off for a slap up meal, Sandi and I sat in my car and had our lunch of 2 paracetamol each.  The problem with the lunch break is it is just long enough to allow you to get cold and stiff.  The final drive saw me walking along the edge of the wood atop a steep bank riddled with rabbit holes.  It was very slippery underfoot and by the time I got to the end of it I felt like I had one leg shorter than the other from walking along such a steep slope.   I managed to climb over barbed wire fences and crawl under wire netting without too much bother and got to the end of the day without falling over.  Apparently you cannot call yourself a beater until you have fallen over!!!  As we packed up to go home the game keepers wife cheerfully asked if she would be seeing me again today or possibly Monday - certainly not today and I will have to think about Monday.  Once home James had prepared the ingredients for  the corned beef hash which we had with baked beans and a fried egg.  Nerver was a meal so happily devoured.  By 7pm I was in my bed and probably asleep by 8pm completely pole axed.  Did I enjoy the day? well yes, in a sort of masochistic way.  It is certainly more fun than going to the gym and you must get very fit if you do it regularly and best of all they pay you, not you them.  

Today I am intending a peaceful day pottering with the exception of taking the dogs for a good long walk as they have missed out when I go beating and I feel guilty.  I am also going to sort out the gravadlax which has been in the cure for the allotted length of time.  I will make a mustard and dill sauce to have with it and some nice slices of toast should make an adequate lunch.  For supper I will make a cullen skink with the smoked haddock, leeks and potatoes that are lurking around.  So an all fish day.  Tomorrow I have a rib of beef which we will have with all the trimmings.  Then hopefully there will be enough left overs for a cold beef salad and a cottage pie.  First and foremost there is the laundry to sort out as it is now nice and dry.

Apparently the snow is on its way so make sure you have your snow shovel close at hand then hopefully you will not need it.......

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