Saturday Morning

Yesterday went well the Christmas decorations are back in their boxes and the house looks pretty bare but definitely tidier.  I have organised the cleaning lady who is going to come at 8am on the 15th and do three hours then she will come once a fortnight there after which should keep the house in a reasonable state with me doing the bits in between.  I now have to resist the urge to clean the house before she comes.  What I must do however is give it a good tidy so that she can at least see what needs cleaning.  

We ate the last of my sous vide salmon for lunch yesterday along with a Russian salad and a tossed green salad.  The for supper we had something I do very rarely CHIPS.  

I used the Nigella method of putting the potatoes in stone cold oil and then just cooking until they were ready.  I works very well but it does take a good 25 - 30 minutes before they are crispy.  Today I am off the hook for cooking as it is a shoot day so we will be having some of the pasties for lunch and supper will be a takeaway.  

One good thing is that the weather is just about perfect. No wind, no rain and reasonably mild so it should be a pleasant day for tramping across muddy fields.  Sandi will be at the shoot so it will be nice to see her again as we have not seen each other since before the holidays.  I haven't mentioned it to Basso who is still peacefully asleep but that wont last long once the game bag comes out and he sees the preparations being made.  At least I wont have to wrap up like Nanook of the the North for once and the termal underwear can stay in the cupboard.

Shiona is not due back from Scotland until the 10th so there will be no shooting for a while unless Jeff wants to go before then.  I must admit I am glad to be going out today as I am going a bit stir crazy rattling around the house day after day with only a dog walk or trip to the shops for entertainment.

I have baited up the rat trap with lots of lovely peanut butter but as yet no takers.  Rats are not stupid so I expect it to take a while before they feel confident enough in the new contraption to risk an attempt at the peanut butter.  While I have no great love of rats I do have a sneaking admiration for the survival instincts and their ability to make a living in the most difficult circumstances.  Anyway I will let you know if I am ever successful or if I get outsmarted yet again.

Well that about it for this morning time to start getting things together and organising the packed lunch and flask of tea.  I take a few biscuits for the dogs lunch but he will have a decent meal once he gets home and after the indignity of having his feet washed which he hates with a passion.  Let's hope it is a good day and we all have a bit of fun. 


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