Saturday and last day of the shoot

We still have snow on the ground but now there is quite a wind and it is raining.  Not quite the weather I had in mind for todays outing but at least we are above freezing.  

Yesterdays lunch of eggs Benedict with smoked haddock was very acceptable and making the hollandaise sauce in the thermomix is just so simple.  Throw in the ingredients and set for 4 minutes at 80 degrees and speed 3.  Then ladle liberally over your poached egg and smoked haddock.  To accompany it I made a large green salad which included a couple of avocado pears which were just right.  Supper was a more mundane affair with just some beans on toast with crispy bacon rashers.  

I spent most of the day organising the timbale for Sunday and it is now assembled and in the fridge so all I have to do is put it through the oven and grate some parmesan.  I have gallons of tomato sauce to serve with it and loads of left over meat balls which the men can have for lunch today while I am out.  I will be having my usual of an egg and tomato sandwich half of which I eat for breakfast the other half for lunch.  Together with a flask of hot tea this is enough to keep me going for the day and makes sure I am ready for a take-away for supper.  Basso has a light breakfast and I take a handful of biscuits for him to have for his lunch and a couple of litres of water to keep him hydrated.    Once home and rested he normally eats a supper of double the usual quantity then collapses into a deep sleep as do I.  With my back still in a delicate state I think I may have some paracetamol before I start out and hope that keeps me going.  I seem to be alright just pottering around but walking any distance or clambering up steep inclines absolutely poleaxes me.  I suppose I would do well to remember that I am no longer 20 years of age.

Anyway once today is over I can remove the hunting box from the car and clean everything ready for next season.  The box is filled with things which may be necessary like extra dog leads, coats, hats, gloves, boots, wet weather gear not to mention a comprehensive first aid box for both humans and dogs.  I always carry in my pocket a bandage and a pair of wire cutters just in case Basso catches a leg on the barbed wire fences.  I can also book an appointment for Basso at the groomers which includes a good bath.  The car which is liberally covered in mud both inside and out will have a trip to our local Albanians who do a magnificent clean at very reasonable prices.  Then we are back to normal until October when it all starts again.  

In the mean time I though I would look into Pets As Therapy scheme by way of a summer job for the two of us.


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