Monday morning

Well the met office got it just right it started to snow at about 8.30 in the morning and it didn't stop until 6 in the evening when this photo was taken.  It was never very heavy just constant fine sand like snow.  The dogs think it is wonderful and keep dashing out to play in it.  I suppose in the end we have been left with between 2-3 inches but apparently we are due for another fall this afternoon.  I do feel for those who are going to have to struggle into work this morning but I suppose I used to do it when I was working and now its my time to stay in the warm.

I must admit that I spent most of the day watching the snow from the comfort of a warm house.  The roast chicken with all its accompaniments made a very adequate lunch, so much so, that none of us was in the mood for supper.  The carcass has been through the pressure cooker and a broth/stock made.   It just remains for me to strip the bones of all their bits which the dogs can have for breakfast.  I have a plate of cold chicken meat which would make a good cold meal but who fancies cold chicken salad in this weather so it may get chopped up and added to a risotto or cottage type pie instead or maybe even a curry. 

I normally make a menu over the weekend to give me some direction for the following week but I have failed to do this chore so I had better start thinking.  The freezer is full so there is no excuse really.  Mike was so taken with the meat loaf that he went straight out and bought the ingredients to make another.  I also have 4 nice ox cheeks which will make a good warming stew and my veg box is due tomorrow if it can get through with the snow.  Although the main roads are clear it is often the last 100 yards that are impassable.  So I could burn a few calories snow shovelling!!!!! 

Have a good day and I hope the weather doesn't hamper you day too much.

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