Monday morning

As yet there is no snow, although we did have a few flurries yesterday, but the forecast is for some today.  For this reason I have declined another days beating, that, and also my back is still recovering.  The temperature is well below zero and it is feeling pretty cold.  

Yesterday, was a day of things going wrong, first the handle of one of the bedroom windows sheered off and we can't open it.  This is actually a problem as it is a very warm room as it has the boiler and airing cupboard in it.  Secondly the patio doors have been on the blink for ages and are really difficult to close so I think I will have to phone up the double glazing people and get both items fixed.  Then thirdly as I was cooking lunch the bulb in my halogen oven blew leaving my butternut squash raw so in desperation I put in the pressure cooker so that it would be cooked at the same time as the beef.  It was not very nice rather watery and bland however the dogs thought it was fine!!! I will have to have a trawl around and see if I can find a replacement bulb as I will really miss the halogen oven which I use a lot.  The left over beef is destined to be a cottage pie which I will make today.  I made a stew in the slow cooker and I intend to do a recipe that I saw in a Rick Stein book in which you par boil some macaroni and then finish it in the oven bathed in the gravy from the stew you then serve it with the meat on top.  Sounds like it could be quite nice and will make a change from bog standard stew.

James had a busy day getting a set of locking wheel nuts to keep his alloy wheels safe from the light fingered.  Today he has a physiotherapy appointment and although it would be easy for him to drive himself it costs to park and could be a long walk so it is cheaper and easier for someone to drop him off and collect him as the hospital is only 5 minutes away.  He also has to get a tax disc for the car once the post offices are open so that it is road legal.

As I have been a coward and wimped out of the beating today I feel I must use the time well so I will go and make a start in the kitchen and get the various dished cooked and ready to freeze.  Then I can make a start on this weeks laundry, where does it all come from?  Tomorrow we are due for the first visit of the new cleaning lady, that is assuming that we are not buried in snow, so a good tidy is in order.

Have a good day all and I hope you dont get too much of the white stuff......



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