Monday morning

Good morning all - I had a quiet day yesterday and only cooked a roast lunch the rest of the time I just pottered around.  There is method in my madness, as today I am going with Sandi to a big commercial shoot but not with Basso.  I am going as a BEATER.  I don't know why I am doing this as it fills me with horor just to think about it.  I will, however, get fed and paid so I suppose that is some small consolation.  The weather looks reasonable it is dry and there is no wind so perhaps it will not be too bad.  One thing is for certain I will burn off enough calories to enjoy my shepherds pie this evening when I get home.  The abandoned men are going to have something on toast for lunch so they too will be happy to eat a meal when I get back.

This is the sort of land I will be tramping across today and shows part of the Lees Court Estate.  I have been there once before on a days roost shooting pigeons which was a total washout as there were no birds to shoot at.  Anyway, wish me luck I just hope my back holds out and I don't come home crippled.  You never know I may even enjoy it!!!!  I will certainly enjoy Sandis' company.  It does seem a shame to do all that walking and not take the dogs.

I had planned to go swimming this morning with James but that has been put on hold and we will go tomorrow if I am able.  I think swimming will give him the opportunity to strengthen his leg and foot without weight bearing and an early morning swim will do me good too.

During the course of this month I want to get the hen house all sorted out as my poultry supplier will have some point of lay hens available in February.  The next batch will not be ready until May which is a bit late.  I have had a couple of months free from the chores of hens but I have missed the eggs.  Like everything else the price of hens has gone up and they are now £15 each.  The last lot were only £10 and that is for bog standard brown laying hens the fancy varieties are are £17.50 each.  I know winter is not done yet but I am already thinking of the Spring.

Have a good day all even if you have to go to work!!!!

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