Monday morning and the start of another week

Sartu di riso ready for the oven

Well the snow has certainly gone with the deluge we had yesterday morning.  I made a start on the laundry as all I had to do for lunch was put the dish in the oven and heat the tomato sauce.    The car which was coated in mud doesn't look to bad now that the rain has rinsed it.  Now as for lunch there was little to do on Sunday as I had done all the preparation.  We all agreed that while it was nice the same end result could be reached with far less work.  After all at the end of the day it is just a risotto with meat balls and tomato sauce.  Combining the ingredients into a timbale might look spectacular but didn't lend anything to the end result.  It was a serious quantity of food so it did us for both lunch and supper and there is enough for the dogs to have for breakfast.  Oh dear, I have just remembered, there is only one dog for breakfast as Nip is "nil by mouth" as he is having an anaesthetic to sort out his teeth.  We have to be at the vet at 8.30 to deposit him and no doubt we will not be collecting him until the late afternoon. Perhaps I will save the nice soft rice for his supper as he may well have a bit of a sore mouth. 

I had a bit of a splurge in Aldi yesterday and bought two V shaped pillows - well who could resist them at that price  - which also included a pillow case.  I could really have used these when James was confined to bed and it makes sitting on my bed crocheting or watching TV much more comfortable. Yes you can achieve the same result with three pillows but they tend to slide around and need constant redoing.  The only down side is getting them into the pillow case which is quite fun.

It is hard to believe that January is almost done Christmas seems so long ago.  February is usually a month for really cold weather so I am not sure we have got past the snow and ice just yet. 

While we were in Aldi we restocked with eggs so today for lunch I fancy omelette Arnold Bennett as I still have some nice smoked haddock in the freezer and the remains of a chicken casserole which will do for supper.  I have just had a trawl through google and discovered that there are as many recipes for omelette Arnold Bennett as there are chef to prepare it.  So I guess mine will be yet another version.  The main thing is that it is relatively quick and easy to prepare so I can get stuck into the ironing which is piling up.  My airing cupboard has got into yet another muddle so I will need to tackle that as put the laundry away. I really dont know how this happens I do try to keep it tidy but somehow it muddles itself when I am not looking.  


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