Friday Morning

And still the snow lingers, it seems very reluctant to melt and disappear.  Shiona came over on her journey to take her dogs to the groomers.  Their period in Scotland over the christmas holidays has resulted in a huge growth of coat and her two dogs looked like demented scrubbing brushes.  I'm sure that after a day in the groomers hands they will come out looking gorgeous.  I must get round to booking Basso in once the season is over.  The last shoot is on Saturday and is known as Cocks day where the beaters get their opportunity to shoot the remaining cock birds.  I was offered an opportunity to shoot but I would rather work Basso picking up so that is what I am going to do.  The last time a shot it nearly killed me carrying my gun and cartridges over great tracts of mud.   Field guns are much lighter than mine and also much more expensive.  

The field gun in the picture sold for £113,000 admittedly that was a record but they are very expensive pieces of kit.

Shiona was given a book for christmas which full of knitting patterns for hats made in the shape of animals.  She is knitting the dog hat first as that looks the most simple but there is one for a lion that is really very nice.  I am still persevering with my throw which is growing very slowly.  

The faggots and savoy cabbage made a good lunch and the queen of puddings for afters topped it off well.  For supper we had some of the fish cakes I had made and frozen together with a green salad and a tomato salad and the remains of the pudding.  Today we are going to have some smoked haddock but I havent really decided how to cook it.  Perhaps eggs Benedict might be nice if a bit calorific.  I am also going to get going with the preparations for a rice dish which I read on Memorie di Angelina, { } called Sartu di riso.  It is not difficult just time consuming like many Italian recipes.  Today I will make the ragu and the meat balls then hopefully on Sunday it will just be an assembly job and hey presto lunch.

We took the dogs out for a walk after lunch which only served to show up that my back is still complaining, it has not yet recovered from my two days of beating and snow shovelling.    It had better be OK for Saturday or it will be a lunch of paracetamol sandwiches..... I always feel sad at the end of the season especially for Basso who really enjoys it so much.  Anyway it gives us the summer for training and the hope that next season he will be even better than this one not that he has done badly in any way.

Well my first load of washing is done time to get going in the kitchen.  Have a good day all.......

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