Friday morning

Yesterday my kitchen was brought back up to running speed I now have a fully functioning halogen oven and a pressure cooker that works.  All curtesy of Aldi where they were going very cheap.   I find that the pressure cooker makes soups and stocks nice and quickly.  

The guy came and gave us an estimate for doing the patio doors which as we thought really need to be replaced.  We will not be getting the new ones for a couple of weeks so we will just keep muddling along as usual with the dodgy door.  

I also made the polpetone recipe from Memorie di Angelina and it was really delicious there was easily enough for us to have both lunch and supper from the meat loaf.  For lunch we had it hot with the potatoes and tomatos it was roasted with and for supper we had cold slices with some salad.  I also made a sort of coq au vin with added prunes sounds odd but it tastes really nice.  The original recipe used rabbit but I had chicken thighs which worked just as well.

Is it me or have you noticed that since the monumental cock up with the hurricane the met office seem to be on high alert and very keen with their dire warnings.  We have been warned of severe snow today but as yet it is clear and dry.  It is however well below zero and the thermometer is falling as we approach dawn.  Oh the joy of central heating I am not groveling in the freezing cold trying to light a fire with damp wood.  The house is warm and toasty enough for me to potter around in my dressing gown and slippers.  At the touch of a button I can have hot food from my huge stores of ingredients.  Life is actually pretty good when you start to count your blessings.  I sometimes wonder how long I could survive on just what is currently in the house.  I watched yet another program about the food that is wasted in this country, given that times are hard, people really should be using all the food that is available.  I know that I am banging on an open door here as most of my readers are of the frugal type and already make the most of what they have.  The lady on the program was amazed that you could get more than one meal out of a chicken and with a little sensible shopping she cut her weekly food bill in half.  By using up the left overs she cut her wastage by 2/3.  I know that my grandparents were responsible for some of my attitude to food wastage and I worry that there is a whole generation of people who are bringing up children to throw away perfectly good food and without the skills to utilise all that is available.

With all this in mind, I have half a loaf of bread which has gone stale.  So today I am going to make queen of puddings for dessert and I think I will make some bread sauce to freeze and have with our next roast chicken.  Of course I will also have to make some more bread as well!!!!

Have a good day all and I hope the met office are exaggerating and you don't have a miserable day with disrupted transport.

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