Friday Morning

This is the second spike of flowers from the cheap bulb I bought in Aldi so I am very pleased it has done really well.

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day I made a pie with the pheasant leg meat and topped it with mash.  Then I made the salmon fish cakes which we ate for lunch with a nice tomato salad.  I had some egg and breadcrumbs left from the fish cakes so I made a cauliflower cheese and added the eggs to the sauce and the crumbs as a topping and a couple of sausages made it a meal.  I was shocked to hear that some 50% of the worlds food production is wasted - well not in my house even the crumbs were made from the crusts of some stale loaves.  I think that, as a child of  second world war parents, I learned from a very early age not to waste food.  With no hens at the moment the potato peeling do end up in the bin but as soon as I have restocked all the vegetable waste will go to the hens or the compost heap.  

The kitchen got its birthday clean and the laundry also got done and is hanging around drying.  Basso now gives me a hand with the laundry.  I throw it down the stairs and he picks it up and brings it to me.  It is a bit slow as he brings only one piece at a time but it is one way to combine training with washing!!! Now, I wonder if I could train him to do the ironing!!!!  I know that I will be persona non grata today as I am going beating and he will have to stay at home.  I certainly chose the right day to go as the weather is deteriorating rapidly and today, although cold, should be mostly dry with no snow is forecast until tomorrow.

I spent some time rigging up a flag to take with me as each beater has their own.  One stick, a hammer, some tin tacks and the remains of a sack for dog food and one flag is made.  Now all I need  is to hope it survives all the flapping and doesn't disintegrate.  It is a bit long in the handle but when furled it doubles as a walking stick.  Apparently you cannot call yourself a beater until you have fallen over.  Well I have fallen over several times as a "picker up" but I would be very pleased to stay upright today.

James had been tasked with making the men bacon and eggs for lunch and preparing a corned beef hash for when I return.  If all the ingredients are ready it will only take minutes to finish off and should be nice and warm and filling.


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