Friday morning

Well thats another week almost over - time really flies as you get older.  Yesterday was a restocking day and I was happy to shop in the butchers.  I got us a nice piece of pork shoulder for Sunday lunch and also bought some pork and beef mince so the bolognese sauce bubbled happily all afternoon.  I left it to go cold overnight and this morning it will be put in portion size boxes and frozen.  I then take the frozen blocks and vac pack them.  I do this for two reasons one they take up less space in the freezer and two I can reheat the sauce in the bag.  It would be nice to go straight to bags but I cannot vacuum pack semi-liquids.  I also made some soup for supper with a squash and some carrots but other than being sweet it was very bland so I added some curry powder and gave it a garnish of croutons, coriander leaves and spring onions which made it tolerable.

The galvanised bin certainly did the trick, there was no mess when I went to put the bag out for the bin men so I guess our furry friend went hungry.  Today I am going to bait up a trap and see if I can't catch the little b*****r.  I think he might really like some peanut butter!!!!  if I am successful Mike has said he will take the beast to Riverside and release him there.

With the idea of cutting back a bit from the excess of the holidays we are having the last of the salmon which I cooked sous vide and a big green salad for lunch and then eggs and toast for supper.  I have a hankering to make some fish cakes so some time next week I will restock on the salmon and make a batch for freezing.  I also thought I might make some gravadlax provided I can lay my hands on plenty of dill.

The weather yesterday was really warm with the temperature in double figures so the dogs got a good walk and I had a bit of a training session with Basso.  Nip just looks on with pity in his eyes!!!!
I think he thinks it is some form of fiendish punishment thought up by humans to humiliate dogs.  He does however obey the basic commands all be it grudgingly.

With all this mild weather the bulbs are poking their noses out of the ground and spring seems none to far away.  However, when I went to Tesco their entire front was filled with deicer, salt, sledges and snow shovels so I think they are anticipating a big freeze.  Lets hope they have got it wrong and we get away with a mild winter.

The kitchen looks a bit of a mess so I had better make a start on that.  Then I really must get rid of the Christmas decorations which are just gathering dust and looking tired.


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