Wednesday morning

Well what a spectacular cleaning day I had yesterday.  Between us we managed to get all the glass and silver cleaned.  Everything that is ment to be shiny and sparkly is just that which makes the place look very much better. The dishwasher did sterling service with all the bits that are dishwasher proof but so much needed hand washing that Jane, James and myself made a good chain gang.  I still have a few outstanding chores but they are things I can quietly potter through.  Mark came and sorted out the garden so it is all tidy and he is going to come some time in January and prune the roses.  

Mike went and did a few bits and pieces of shopping while we cleaned so for lunch we had a couple of mackerel fillets each with a gremolata to replace the run of pin bones and a tossed green salad.  Supper was also a simple affair of beans and bacon lardons on toast.  I made a big batch of meat balls for us to have for lunch today as I am expecting Sandi to call.  If she makes it early we may have a chance to take the dogs for a walk but the weather forecast is for torrential rain later in the day.  

Now, as you know, I am besotted with my dog Basso and I have always wanted to try a trick with him so yesterday was the day.  I put an egg down on the floor and sent him to collect it without breaking it.  The risk was, if he broke the egg, it would be all over the carpet - until he ate it.  However, my faith in him was well founded he took a while to position the egg in his mouth but brought it to me completely unharmed.  I wanted to prove this point as sometimes he looks like he is mouthing pheasants but he is merely trying to get a grip without damaging them.   This is a pretty good test of the softness of a dogs mouth.  Saturday will be the last shoot day before Christmas but the weather looks terrible with thrashing rain so that will be a good test of my newly waterproofed jacket.  If it fails I am going to get very wet.

Mike is taking the Landrover to the garage tomorrow as the windscreen washers have given up the ghost and we really need them when we are ploughing through the mud off road.  Tomorrow is also the day for taking a reading from the solar panels and sending it off to the feed in tariff people.  Hopefully this will mean a nice cheque in January.  I must admit that when I see the sun shining I do think of the electricity we are generating and the money we are making.  Sad but true!!!

Hope all your preparations are going according to plan and Joy I really approve of your present to yourself 4 hours of house cleaning is worth its weight in gold.  I once forked out and had three ladies here to do a spring clean - it was like having a tornado in the house what they did in the time was amazing!!!!

I finished knitting my last pair of socks last night so now I am on to mittens which should be simple once I have worked out how to do the thumb!!!!!

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