Wednesday morning

It is really freezing this morning at -3.6°.  The outdoor thermometer reads close to the house brickwork so I guess it is even lower away from the house.  Yesterdays plans were partially completed but as usual I ran out of time and gas.  Jane was delighted with her pair of socks and given that her feet give her a lot of trouble nice warm socks are just the thing.😥We hit the shops and managed to get most of what I needed.  I tried to get a sensible quantity of bicarbonate of soda to make the shower decongestant but failed, so I think I will have to order online.  All  I found were the small tubs for cooking.  I use quite a lot for cleaning so I may as well order a kilo and have done with it.  I bought some stewing steak so that is in the slow cooker together with the usual vegetables and a can of Guinness.  Today I am going to make cornish pasties with the traditional ingredients of swede potato onion and some rump steak.  I am hoping that there will be enough for lunch and also some to freeze for later.  I have a pile of left over sprouts from last night so I can see them ending up as bubble and squeak.  For dinner I have some lambs sweetbreads which as yet I havent decided what to do with.  I can either cook them in a light cheese sauce or egg and breadcrumb and fry them once they have been poached.  However before I get to any of that I need to sort out the 2 brace of pheasants in the garage.  I think I will have to wrap up nice and warm before I venture out there to tackle them.  I like to get them done early on Wednesday morning as I can catch the bin men and get rid of the debris quickly.   

Two of the three beds got changed yesterday so I have just one to go - I try to do each bed as one load in the machine so I dont get too muddled up with the sheet sizes.  Having a single, a double and a king all with white sheets you can see my dilema.  

Basso and Nip had a nice run yesterday and although the tide was up even Nip thought better of swimming and contented himself with dry land.  Basso is still in hunting mode and searched every bush for lurking pheasants.  There are none there but he is always hopeful!!!!  Taking him for a walk is a slow process as I always get stopped by curious walkers who want to know what breed he is.  Most people mistake him for a labradoodle but please don't tell him he would be so offended!!!!!


The real give away is that he doesn't have a curly coat and he is much heavier in bone.  

Well enough scribbling time I got this show on the road - have a good day and stay warm!!!!

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