Wednesday morning

Good morning all, well it is another freezing cold day with the temperature below zero.  The curtains are back in the sitting room at last and most of the furniture is back in place there are still a few items to move but essentially the room is back to the way it is was intended.  The wonderful Jane helped me to get them back up as it is a two man job to hang them as they are pretty heavy.  
James boots were delivered to the hospital so that they can be altered to support his foot and hopefully they will be ready to collect some time next week.  I was interested to read that the hospital is, for the second year running, amongst the 12 worst hospitals in the country.  So I guess I am not alone in my experiences with them. They have sent me a letter apologising for the fact that I was dissatisfied, but they have missed the point, my satisfaction is not the issue it is their poor care for which they need to apologise. I will be alerting to this fact in my reply.

Today I am destined to go shooting with Jeff which will probably be the last time this year it is however weather dependant and so far it looks OK cold but dry and not too windy.  I had decided to make beef stroganoff  and noodles for lunch so with that in mind I went to the butcher to get some steak.  He had to cut it from the bone so I asked if I could have the bones to make stock.  Not a problem, and there residing against the bone was a tiny piece of the tail end of the fillet.  Well that was too good to go in the stock so I made one portion of steak tartare which the three of us shared as a stater before our supper of corned beef hash.  Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous.  The bones got a blast in the oven and then into the stock pot along with the usual suspects of carrot onion and celery.  This morning it is all cold so I have a nice job of picking the meat off the bones for the dogs and straining and reducing the stock before freezing.   I also bought some nice sausages which will be the base for my chestnut stuffing to go with the turkey.  I sometimes think that we all prefer the stuffing to the bird itself. As for the stroganoff I thought that I could get the onions and mushrooms fried off so that I am left with, what is in effect, an assembly job with just the steak to fry off and the noodles to boil when we get back from shooting.

Well thats about it for this morning I have shed loads to do so I had better get going and make a start.  Have a good one everybody.


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