Tuesday morning

Yesterday was really warm and sunny just like a spring day but I believe that is all set to change.  I got on and finished putting the furniture straight in the sitting room so that is now back to how it was intended.  I then sat a wrote out a to do list and frightened myself to death.  I made some packs of mirepoix which have been sweated off and vac packed ready for an assortment of dishes. Some of it got used as the base for our chicken soup which we had for supper.  It seemed only sensible that instead of dicing one carrot I did 6 and so on which has cleared a bit of space in the vegetable cupboard.

Today is the wonderful Janes last day and I am all set to do a bit of silver cleaning and ornament washing rather than her usual run through with the hoover which I will do myself later in the week.  It does seem a bit pointless as I am expecting my friend with her dog tomorrow so the floors will need to be done after that.   With this in mind I made some dog biscuits as Christmas presents for the dogs.  My dogs have sampled the off cuts and found them acceptable.

Mark the gardener is also due today and the garden is not really in need of much work other than a good tidy up.  Then it can be left fallow until the spring.  The front garden could use a good tidy as the fuchsias have been hit by the frosts and can now be cut back to the floor.  

I bought a very cheap amaryllis from Aldi som weeks ago and we are now taking bets as to wether it will flower in time for christmas.

What do you think?  Will it make it or are we looking at New Year.

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