Tuesday morning

The temperature is falling and we are below zero this morning.  Yesterdays vist to the dentist proved uneventful but time consuming.  Just the usual clean and polish and book an appointment for 6 months time.  We dropped James off at the hospital for his appointment with the physio and they are at last starting to do some work on his damaged foot.  You can imagine that as his ankle has not moved for 9 months everything has tightened up and is now refusing to move.  I think this is going to be a long and painful road to get back some of the mobility.  

The pork that was left made a nice lunch with some saute potatoes and a big green salad.  The bones ended up in a pot and will be the basis of a lentil soup for thursdays lunch.  Supper was a simple affair of sausage beans and eggs.  It is nice to have a fry up from time to time.  I managed to finish off the pair of socks for Jane who is due today so I hope she likes them.  I have now started a pair in a nice dark chocolate colour which I think will be for James.  This only leaves me two balls of wool from my anonymously donated box of wool.  I do however have loads of bits left over and so I thought I would crochet a blanket in rainbow colours to use it all up.  It is nice to do a bit of crochet as knitting does get monotonous and I think I could make socks in my sleep now.  

Today I need to go shopping and lay in some ingredients as the weeks menu requires stuff I haven't got in the cupboard.  After having pasties from the baker I decided that I should make some to have in the freezer as they make an easy lunch.  I always think the run up to Christmas is difficult to cater so any ideas are welcome.  I think I may also make a batch of mince pies to hide in the freezer.  I notice that both Nigella and the Hairy Bikers made their pastry with orange zest and juice so I think I may well follow suit. 

Now that the sitting room is back to normal I must also make a concerted effort to finish of some of the details.  The vetrine is full of grotty looking silver which needs a polish so that will keep me out of mischief for a while.  I also need to get the coffee tables back from the bedrooms where they got stashed.  

On my shopping list for today is all the stuff needed if anyone comes down with a cold over the holidays.  I find if the medecine cupboard is well stocked no one succumbs if however you don't have the gear some poor soul will have the snivels and who wants to be looking for a chemist over Christmas.  


I thought I might make a batch of these shower decongestants to have stood by.  The ingredients are very simple and combined with the steam they should help with the bunged up nose syndrome.  Anyway here is hoping none of it is necessary and we all have a healthy holiday.

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