Tuesday morning

Two large bubble and squeaks ready for the freezer and just right to pull out on boxing day and brown in the oven.  This made a considerable mess in the kitchen as you can imagine.  I put all the potatoes through the potato ricer so they are nice and creamy and I did enough for us to have some mash and sprouts with our venison sausages for lunch.  The gravy was that left over from the roast beef.   I then made a very interesting soup with a sweet potato.  First fry an onion then grate the sweet potato and add that together with some Thai green curry paste [from a jar] and a tin of coconut milk.  Then top up with sufficient stock and boil until tender.  Blitz the results to give a creamy tasty soup.  

The weather was crazy yesterday it was really very warm and pretty wet but we managed to get the dogs out for a blast between showers.  The curtains have been collected but as yet I haven't got round to hanging them so I guess that will be todays job.  I have bought all new hooks as the old ones had become brittle and many of them shattered when removed.  

James had a successful trip to the hospital apparently the reason he had not been contacted about the physio appointment is that that particular physio had left her job and no one had taken up her patients.  Anyway, he now has an appointment for next Monday.  He then went to the orthopaedic department so check out what they could do about the supporting boot.  Sadly the consultant had failed to mention this to them but they are happy to take James word for it and are going to send off a pair of his boots to have them altered to support his now misshapen foot. 

As we sat down to our tea of fish pie the local new was telling us that the Medway hospital has one of the worst mortality rates in the country.  From what you know of our experiences with them you will not be surprised.   I am convinced that every inch of progress James has made has been solely down to my efforts.  The only thing the hospital have done so far is supply inadequate pain relief and plastic urine bottle.  Absolutely nothing happens unless you kick them harras them.  

Anyway enough of that, the wonderful Jane is due today but it is painful to watch her.  I wish she would quit but not long now.   I try to run round before she comes and half do all the jobs to cut down on what she has to do.  This, as you can imagine, slightly defeats the object but she is in such pain with her joints it seems like a cruelty to ask her to do anything.  On the other hand I know she needs the money leading up to Christmas so what can I do. 

Over night the temperature has dropped like a stone and we are only just above freezing but at least the rain has stopped.  I think the shoot this weekend will be pretty cold so I am very glad of my thermal underwear.  It may even get an outing on Wednesday as I have arranged to go shooting with Jeff if the weather is kind.  I think this will be our last opportunity until the new year as everyone is getting so busy now.

Have a good day all and try to stay warm!!!!
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