Thursday morning

A big sigh of relief and contentment - it is all done.  Yesterday was a great success and all my preparation and freezing meant that it was a very stress free day just a bit of heating and dishing up. A large proportion of the food got demolished and today I have the glorious task of getting all the left overs sorted out.  The left over turkey meat and some of the ham will go into a pie mix and the stock pot will be drained..  The carcasses will be picked over for the dogs so the waste will be minimal just some well boiled bones which can go out for the bin men this morning, if I get a move on.

I think it is not the work involve with Christmas which is so stressful but the responsibility which weighs heavy on the shoulders of the cook.  The one item which, for me, was totally invaluable was the meat thermometer.  Brining the birds also made a big difference in keeping the meat moist and the big surprise was that when I took my turkey out of the oven at 8.30 am and set it under some foil to cool ready for cold meat, it was still hot enough to serve at 11.30am so for future reference I now know that it can sit for at least two hours resting and come to no harm.  Which gives plenty of time for veg and gravy etc.  I cook all poultry to an internal temperature of 74°C then leave to rest for while.

Anyway enough ramblings time I got to work with those left overs - for me this it the fun part, not stress, just a bit of imagination and lots of satisfaction in not letting anything go to waste.......

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