Thursday morning

This is a photo of the dogs "works Christmas outing".  Sandi and Yoda came round yesterday and we took the boys for a bit of a blast, then we managed to sit them up and get a photo of them.  Sandi had been having some problems getting her photos from her camera to her iPad but we managed to download this one and also a fabulous photo of Lucy, the game keepers dog, who had got very chilled on the last shoot and so made herself a bed in the pile of pheasants in the back of the truck. I'm glad that they remove the birds from the feathers in our duvets!!!

We managed to get out before the miserable rain started but it was already beginning to blow and the temperature was dropping.  The meatballs and rice I had prepared for lunch went down well and there were enough left over for supper.  Today I have my brother in law coming for lunch which has rather caught me on the hop and I am not quite sure what to do.  I think some of the many pheasant breast from the freezer with some cream and mushrooms and a pile of mash should fit the bill.  For dessert I can get my friend the Thermo to make a zabaglione.  

Today is the day for the quarterly reading from the solar panels so that has been my first job of the day to send that off to the feed in tariff people which should mean a nice fat cheque in January just when you need a bit extra after the expenses of Christmas.  This afternoon Mike has to take the landrover to have the windscreen washers sorted and James has to go for a fitting for his boot so it is going to be a busy day all round.  I'm glad I got the cleaning done when I did as time seems to be slipping away now.   I spent a bit of time writing a time plan to remind myself of when I have to collect things, when things are being delivered and when to take things out of the freezer.  So hopefully I have all the bases covered and everything should run like clockwork.  Having said that I am off to the last shoot on Saturday and the weather looks terrible so I am preparing for a good soaking.  Neither Basso nor I will be good for anything on Sunday so I had better plan a simple couple of meals.

Well that about it for today I had better get the pheasant out if it is to defrost for lunch.  Have a good one and enjoy the final few days of mayhem.

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