Thursday Morning

The last of the pasties are out of the oven but the first batch got eaten straight away.  I managed to make a dozen pasties with one rump steak so a very economical meal really.  The last of the the meat and veg I put in a pie dish and covered with the last of the pastry.  The swede was huge so half of that went in the pasties and the remainder got mashed with carrots as an accompanying veg for the stew tonight.  I braced myself went to the garage and dealt with the pheasants which were relatively easy to deal with as they were partially frozen.  The eight breasts got wrapped in parma ham and vac packed in pairs then put through the sous vide.  Now they are ready for the freezer and will just need moments in a pan to reheat.  I don't think the temperature got above freezing all day and the frost stayed in the garden so it was an excellent day to slave over a hot stove.  Today it is slaving over a hot iron as all the bedding is now dry.  I know lots of people don't bother to iron sheets but I love mine just given a cursory glance of the iron.  I was quite chuffed when I watched the program about Claridges and noted that all their bedding is also white.  However, it would not cost you £6,900 per night to stay at my hotel.  When I win the lottery that is where I am going to stay while I decide what to do with the money but first I suppose I will have to start buying tickets or I will never be a winner!!!!

I ordered the bicarbonate of soda on line for the princely sum of £1.60 for a kilo but don't ask how much the p&p was?  Anyway I will now have plenty for cleaning for a few more years.  I always have very good intentions of cleaning but it is putting the plans into action that I find difficult.  I can always find something that needs cooking first!!!!! Today I thought I would have a go at the mincemeat pies and get them done and out of the way.  However I will need to keep the men out of the kitchen if they are to survive long enough to go in the freezer.  I have half a packet of puff pastry left over so I thought I would make some cheese straws laced with parma ham which I also have.  Oh dear there I go again finding things to cook!!!!  

First the IRONING!!!!!
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