Thursday morning

Up a bit later this morning but sadly no snow 😥I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday morning as I sat typing the snow began to fall in large white flakes and for about an hour and half we had a constant stream which lay nicely on the bushes and trees.  I phoned and cancelled my shooting as it really didn't look like it was going to be feasible.  However once I had made the decision the snow stopped and gradually melted.  The beef stroganoff was cut back to serve just the three of us but I had to make a full jug of zabaglione, what a tragedy, we had to have it for both lunch and dinner as the recipe makes enough for six portions.   For supper we had some fish fingers with a butter bean and pepper stew also nice and quick as I was making the stuffing for the turkey which is now in the freezer. 

Today the weather is well below zero and it is perishingly cold.  I am taking James to fetch a speaker that he has on order and then after lunch we are headed off to Shiona's for dinner and to go to her amateur dramatic society play.  If it is half as good as the last it will be an evening well spent.  

Lunch will be something nice and simple like macaroni cheese.  Though, as my tamis has arrived, I am desperate to make a chicken liver parfait some how I don't think I will have the time especially as I am up a bit later than usual.  

Having a relatively quiet day allowed me to finish one of a pair of socks and get started on its brother.  I have lost track of just how many socks I have knitted but this pair will be for the wonderful Jane as a sort of thank you for all the work she had done for me over the years.

Anyway wrap up warm it looks like it is going to be a really cold day today and I must admit that I feel a bit apprehensive about the shoot on Saturday if it is this cold.

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