Sunday Morning

Good morning all, well what a day I had yesterday.  First thing I felt like going to the shoot like a hole it the head but decided to brace myself and go anyway.  I layered myself in clothing until I looked like the michelin man, determined not to get either cold or wet.  As luck would have it it was a perfect day with warm sunshine no wind and dry as a bone.  However the same could not be said of the terrain which was sodden.  Some of the fields were newly drilled so they were just mud.  I drove Sandi and I to the farthest drives which proved some fun off roading and sliding around in the mud but we managed to get to each place without getting stuck which I think was more by good luck than judgement.  Basso was wearing the electric collar in case he choose to run a muck, but did he, no of course not, he was impeccably behaved and worked his socks off.  At one point we were trying to get a bird out of some really thick brambles Basso was living up to his name Spinone which means thorn dog.  He struggled and fought and finally succeeded but in my efforts to help him I fell face down in the brambles.  I had a stick in one hand and a bird in the other so no way to save myself.  Fortunately my right hand took the brunt of the fall and I still have a couple of bits of thorn to be removed with a pin so typing is not much fun.  Basso managed to get out unscathed much to the delight of the gun who was very surprised that he managed to get the bird at all.  He made a special point of coming and thanking us at the end of the shoot, what a gentleman!  I eventually got home at about 5pm.  The last drive had been over one of the newly drilled fields and Basso feet were thick with mud so the first job was to get his feet in a bucket.  Not his favourite thing but he eventually gave in and let me wash them as he realised there would be no supper until his paws were done.  I hung the two brace of birds in the garage and peeled off my layers and dumped everything.  The men had ordered a Chinese which I ate with relish and then fell into my bed completely exhausted but happy.

As I look round now there is stuff everywhere but I can take my time sorting it all out and getting the muddy stuff into the washing machine.  First, however, I need to get myself spruced up a bit pity I cant just climb in the machine and get washed.  The dining room carpet has muddy paw prints all over it as does the kitchen however nothing the hoover and wet cloth wont cure.  Mud looks terrible on the carpet but if you let it dry it comes off very well.

I have a nice loin of pork for lunch today but will need a trip to Aldi as I have no apples with which to make apple sauce and I am all but out of eggs and milk.


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