Sunday morning

Discretion being the better part of valour I did bottle out yesterday.  Sandi rang me first thing and suggested that it would be better to stay at home so I rang Bill to let him know and he agreed that if he didn't have to go he wouldn't bother either.  None the less I felt very bad and a real wimp.  The day was largely a write off as I had nothing much to do.  I ended up watching loads of rubbish on the TV and knitting the mittens.  We ate the pasties that I had ear marked for out packed lunch and had a take away for supper which is what I would normally have done.  I did however make a loaf of bread and a nice lentil and chorizo dish for supper tonight which is simmering in the slow cooker. 

My vegetable box turned up yesterday so now I have loads of veg for Christmas and today we are off to the butcher to collect the meat.  As you can see all the veg with the exception of the onions have been sourced in the UK which pleases me.

white potatoes (king Edward) UK
onions  NL
carrots UK
leeks UK
brussels sprouts UK
savoy cabbage UK
parsnips UK
swede UK
The garage is now the official outdoor fridge but as we seem to have a bit of a rodent problem everything needs to be in containers.  My friend Elaine delivered some presents for us and the dogs together with an empty bottle!  Well I have refilled the bottle for her and it will be delivered on our trip today.  The label might read cough mixture but it actually contains some sloe gin which is the last of last years as I have made none this year as the berries were very sparse.

This morning I had a rude awakening as I must have laid awkwardly in the night and screaming back ache brought me to consciousness.   However, I am glad to say that with a little gentle movement it has subsided and seems to have gone away so I am breathing a huge sigh of relief.  Having taken great care of myself yesterday I would have been gutted to have done my back in doing nothing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joy for the advent calendar which has kept me entertained.  I know that it is meant for children but I have really enjoyed the daily surprises and I will really miss it when Christmas comes.

Have a good day all in the final run up to the big day may all your shopping be successful and not too stressful.
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