Sunday morning

I am up really late this morning but that is due to a very late night - sleep seemed to illude me but at least another sock got finished.  I am hoping to have its brother done by Christmas.  Anne in answer to your question we usually end up having a sandwich with whatever you can find.  However, I was watching Nigel Slater and he made some nice looking puff pastry turnovers with mashed stilton inside.  I'm sure they could be made in advance and frozen then just thrown in hot oven when needed.  If you are looking for something fresher then what about a couscous salad which you can fill with anything you like. You could go oriental with a coriander and lime base or Mediterranean with basil and tomato or middle eastern with pomegranate and sultanas.   Or a plateful of beautiful prawns brought to life in a pan of hot butter and garlic and adorned with some chopped parsley and a slice of lemon.  The couscous can be made the day before and hidden in the fridge and the other things will take no more than 5 minutes to prepare on the day.  If you are feeling lavish or you have hords of people what about the whole lot!!!!

It seems that Joy and I are working off the same to do list.  I too made the cranberry sauce yesterday but mine got frozen then vac packed and put in the fridge to save some freezer space and save me sterilising jars.   Today we are having a simple roast chicken which I am going to do with some parsley lemon and thyme stuffing.  The reason for this stuffing is that I have a large bunch of parsley left over and the end of a loaf which is on the blink.  Yesterday we had some of the pheasant breasts which I had pre cooked in the sous vide.  Although the meat was quite tough the flavour was very good and as we all have our teeth it was not a problem.  The cream sauce with some fluffy mash completed the dish.  Supper was one of the many bolognese sauces with some pasta and a good sprinkle of parmesan and a huge green salad.

After much discussion I have decided to have another go at waterproofing my jacket before I bite the bullet and buy a new one.  To that end I bought a spray bottle of Nikwax which I am hoping will do the trick as there is nothing wrong with the actual jacket.

I bought a big bottle as I will also do the shower curtain once it has had a wash.  Well as I am so late in starting this morning I had better get underway if we are to have lunch at a reasonable time.  Have a good day all.......


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