Sunday morning

Yesterday was a very early start so I occupied myself making these gouger with some parmesan.  They were made in the Thermomix and came out very nice and light.  Then the inner child in me couldn't resist playing with them so I added some chipolata sausages and made dumbbells or axels depending on your point of view.  Anyway they were fun to eat with our duck soup for lunch.

We took the dogs for a nice walk but oh boy it was freezing cold not that they seem to mind.  The puddles were frozen solid so James had to take great care with his crutches.  We were very glad of the hot soup when we got home.  For supper I had taken out some individual shepherds pies and had intended to have a tin of baked beans with them but alas there were none.  I set too and made a bean accompaniment first I fried off a clove of garlic then thin strips of a red pepper that was dying in the fridge.  To this I added a tin of butter beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes.  Hey presto a nice bean accompaniment and better, in the end, than a tin of baked beans.

Today we are again sub zero but there is not enough moisture to form a frost it is just perishingly cold.  I know that winter is truly here when I break out my silk long johns before venturing outside.

Today I have a half leg of lamb for lunch but I am bereft of vegetables so I think a trip to Aldi is in order.  Today they have on special offer some ski clothes which fortunately I am not interested in however the thermal underwear is quite appealing.

We have decided not to send Christmas cards this year but donate the money to charity and phone or visit all our friends instead.  Some how this seems more in keeping with the times than victorian cards.

By the way Joy on your recommendation I purchased the advent calendar and as you say it is £2 well spent.
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