Sunday morning very early

All ready for the freezer

I had a real cooking fest yesterday and made an assortment of dishes.  I made a nice cold turkey salad to have for supper and the sprouts got made into a sort of gratinated dish with chestnuts and fried breadcrumbs.  Three of the pasties got eaten for lunch but the remaining three will go in the freezer along with a pie of the left overs.  I then made some vegetable soup with the turkey stock and then  some pies with mash toppings and a filling of turkey, ham leek and mushroom.  It doesn't sound a lot but it took forever to make and boy you have seen the washing up.  I think I used every bit of kitchen equipment that I possessed.

Once things are cleared away to the freezer I will need to give the kitchen a bit of a birthday especially the floor which is filthy.  

Fortunately, we are going out to lunch today so I have a day off as far as cooking is concerned but without the wonderful Jane someone has to do the housework and I guess that someone is me.  The laundry has been piling up over the holidays so the washing machine will be pressed into action.  Once the clothes have been done I can attack the beds and with any luck we will all have clean sheets for the new year.

We were promised lots of rain yesterday but it never materialised we just had really strong wind which came in huge gusts, strong enough to blow the buckets around the garden.  I thought by way of a change we would have some lamb for new year as we are all heartily sick of roast birds and their by products.  

I was so shattered after my marathon in the kitchen yesterday that I fell asleep by about 9pm so now I am paying the penalty and am wide awake at 2.30 in the morning.  I may well get the washing machine under way and then head back to bed and see if I can get a little more sleep or I will be like a limp dish cloth by lunch time.

so on that happy note I will go and gather the laundry and get that started!!!!

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