Saturday morning

Well according to the weather forecast today is supposed to be a better day but I will be taking no chances and my full wet weather gear will be coming with me along with all the warms thermal stuff.  Currently the thermometer is reading 3.5 degrees and it is still and dry so that is hopeful.  Basso is curled up in his bed oblivious of the fun day he has to look forward to.  On the stove there is a bean, pepper and chorizo casserole bubbling away.  One portion of which I will take for my lunch the rest James and Mike can have for theirs then tonight will be our fortnightly hunting season take away.  I know that I will be poleaxed when I get back so cooking is definitely off.

Yesterday, was a bit of a write-off as on our journey home from Shiona's we stopped at the butcher and bought a nice loin of pork to have for Sunday lunch and also some pasties from the baker for lunch.  I had had such a rough night that I went straight off for a sleep then got up and made a macaroni/cauliflower cheese.

I had one of those lovely "fractal" romanesco cauliflowers so added it to the boiling pasta while the thermo made the cheese sauce.  Then it was just a case of combining the ingredients and scattering a bit of the grated cheese together with some bread crumbs on the top and popping it in the oven to brown.  Making sauces in the thermo is a real joy white sauce is just 40 butter 40 flour and 400 milk turn on to speed 4 temperature 90° and time 6 minutes and hey presto a perfect white sauce.  Then just add whatever flavouring you choose cheese, parsley, mustard etc.  Mean while you are free to be doing something else.  It really is like having an assistant in the kitchen.  There is only on dirty item which you can stick straight into the dishwasher or add some water and detergent and whiz.  How easy is that!!!!

Well time to start making preparations for my packed lunch and breakfast.  I usually arrive early which gives me a chance to let Basso burn off a bit of steam and for me to eat something before we get started.  I believe that it is going to get colder next week so enjoy this lull in the temperature.


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