Saturday morning

It is blowing a gale here and the wind is whistling down the chimney but as yet it is dry.  We managed to get the dogs out for a bit of a walk on the way back from our appointment with the DWP.  What a revelation that was - talk about in depth questions it was patronising in the extreme we were spoken to as though we were a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.  Anyway enough of that but I am not surprised that people don't claim what they are entitled to.  I swung by the butchers and picked up a nice piece of rump to make pasties with and couldn't resist a pair of turkey legs which were going spare.   These legs got put in a slow oven covered with foil and today I will strip off the meat and make some soup, to make up for the load that went off.  There should be plenty of meat on the thighs which will also be put to good use. This time I will get on with the job and not let it hang around in a warm atmosphere.

I have finished another pair of mittens and am now knitting a beanie hat to go with them.  I got the pattern from the internet and it is quite interesting to knit as it starts with the crown and just grows from a very small starting poing of 6 stitches.  And by the time you get to row 12 you have 96 stitches so quite an increase.  From now on it is just plain ribbing until the required size is reached, with an extra 3 inches if you want a turn over brim.

The thermo made us a nice batch of curried parsnip soup for lunch which we dressed with chopped spring onions, coriander and fried croutons.  Supper was just a case of nibbling on what you could find.  I love this part of Christmas when there is food as far as the eye can see and people can just help themselves and I don't have to plan proper meals.

I have been watching the Royal Institution Christmas lectures which this year are on Chemistry and have been really interesting with some very good demonstrations.  The chap, Dr Peter Wothers,  seemed really excited by the subject and enjoyed setting fire to things and making big bangs.  Just what the children love.

Well that about it for this morning time to go and tackle the turkey and make a batch of pastry.  Lets hope the soup is second time lucky.

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