Saturday morning

The flowers are definitely going to make it for Christmas I'm not so sure I will.  Yesterday, saw James discharged by the pelvic specialist who was very impressed with his progress after such a significant injury.  We were too early for the pub so we decided to go home and on the way treat ourselves to some KFC! Now I am sorry we did, as I made a complete pig of myself and am paying the penalty.  I have been awake half the night with belly ache which is totally self inflicted.  The weather this morning is foul with rain and wind and I am supposed to go picking up with Basso but I must admit that being shot at dawn would seem preferable at the moment.  The thought of hiking across ploughed fields in the pouring rain really doesn't fill me with joy.  The only saving grace is that it is not cold.

We are still having trouble with James former employer, the Metropolitan Police, who are refusing to fill in the form sent to them by the insurance company who need details of his employment.  They are quoting the "Data Protection Act", despite having James written permission to release the information.  So where we go from here, who knows?  Back to the insurance company I guess.   I must say that while the data protection act may have its benefits it has proved to be a real thorn in our sides during this year of turbulence.

Now the next burning issue is do I brine the turkey or not.  I will be collecting it tomorrow from the butcher so I will have the time to brine it as I will not be cooking it until Christmas Eve.  If I make a large bucket of brine when the turkey comes out the duck can go in so perhaps it is worth it.  Once the brine has finished its job I tip it out over the patio which suppresses the weeds so it is not wasted.

Today is the last delivery of my vegetables before Christmas but at least that saves me having to face the shops again.  Having said that I will have to have one more foray to stock up on milk and cream etc.  Tesco will be open on Boxing day so it is just Christmas day that they are shut.  However   I would like to avoid the crush of last minute shoppers.

Time is marching on and I will have to make a decision soon as to whether I am going to the shoot or not.  I am not one to bottle out but today may be an exception!!!


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