Saturday morning

What a grotty day it was yesterday it poured with rain and blew a gale for most of the day.  There were only a few mad souls out walking their dogs when I went and boy did I get soaked.  My wet weather coat has finally given up the ghost and is no longer waterproof.  So the dogs and I came home like drowned rats.  However we were all soon dry and at least it wasn't cold.  For lunch we had a monumental bowl of moule marinier which was really delicious however supper was a disaster.  Mike had been tempted by some party food in Tesco [please see picture above]  I religiously followed the instructions on the packets but oh the disappointment - the prawns were tasteless the bruschetta were soggy and the chicken wings were dismal.  Every now and again we are tempted by ready made things and more often than not we are disappointed.  The men all agreed that basically the problem was that they were spoiled - what a nice compliment!!! 

A friend sent me this joke in my eMail and I just had to share it with you as I think it is not only funny but quite a good idea.  Passwords are such a pain that I must admit I use only one for most things with the exception of Banks etc.  

Today I think I may take a trip to our local camping shop where in the winter they sell a good range of outdoor clothing and see if I can find a good jacket to keep me dry.  I need to replace the jacket quickly as I may need it on Saturday for the last shoot of the season and will certainly need it for dog walking.  The old one is about 10 years old so it has done a sterling job.  But first I have to take James to the hospital for a CT scan at 8.30am and you will be pleased to know that he has received a letter saying that they are going to take his tooth out as an "emergency" - no appointment just a statement of intent - Not only has the tooth already been extracted but the letter along with his notes lists the wrong tooth!!!  It just gets better and better. The tooth was broken in March its nice to see just how fast they react to an emergency!!!!!! I must admit that my experiences with the local hospital have made me think that if I am taken ill rather than call an ambulance I should just get on a train to anywhere other than here!!!!

Well that about it for today time to go and shower and get myself ready for the day.  The menu today is all easy stuff some of the pheasant breasts for lunch and a pasta bolognese for supper - all ready and just needing the finishing touches.


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